The Homepage of Paul Anh Tran-Hoang

(last name formerly "McEldowney")

About Me

Starting August 2023, I will be a visiting assistant professor in the Philosophy Department at Vassar College. I received my PhD from the University of Notre Dame in August 2020. My research focuses on logic, philosophy of logic, and philosophy of mathematics. Much of my current work examines the nature of translation, equivalence, and reduction using tools from formal logic (especially contemporary model theory). I also have serious research interests in the philosophy of science and the history of 19th and 20th century philosophy (both Continental and Analytic traditions). Outside of philosophy, I'm passionate about prison education and translating Vietnamese poetry.

My current projects include papers on:

  • A model-theoretic approach to logicism: a case study on Zilber's conjecture.
  • Bi-interpretability as a notion of theoretical equivalence.
  • Hermann Weyl's influence on Heidegger's philosophy.
  • Tran Duc Thao's critique of Husserlian phenomenology.

    My CV.

    You can contact me at panhtranhoang [at] gmail [dot] com.


  • On the Virtue of Categoricity, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 62(1): 107-146, 2021.
  • On Morita Equivalence and Interpretability, The Review of Symbolic Logic 13(2): 388-415, 2020.
  • Bolzano against Kant's Pure Intuition, Research in History and Philosophy of Mathematics (Springer), edited by M. Zack and D. Schlimm, 2017. Winner of the "best student paper" prize at the CSHPM 2016 meeting.


    I have teaching interests in a variety of areas including logic, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, Asian philosophy, Existentialism, and history of philosophy (especially 19th and 20th century philosophy).